Hi, my name is Dhruv Thota
I'm the full stack developer.

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Hello world, welcome to my portfolio. I grew up in many places but I'll always say I'm from New York and I'm a software developer working day to day with React, Node.js(Express), TypeScript, GraphQL and SQL/noSQL databases.

I enjoy building solutions to make others lives/experience easier. My interests are in fintech projects, healthtech and climate-tech.

Check out my work, reach out with any questions or if you want to have a virtual coffee and chat!

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Open Source


An open source library of GraphQL caching solutions to make developing with GraphQL easier and faster. Client & server-side deployable custom eviction policy, cache normalization and partial query retrieval. Currently, we provide 3 npm packages under the name @cachier. We also launched a demo app to visualize the efficiency of our solutions.


A suite of games to help you become a superior gamer. Flush with a SQL user and global scoreboard database. Try your hand at Aim Trainer, Reaction Time, Memory Booster and others!


Addiction/bad habit-breaking app that helps track your qutting journey, providing motivation and health facts based on your habit and stage. Shortly releasing a social feature which enables a buddy system to help you on your journey. Are you strong enough to drop that habit and become a Quitr?


An online web reception chat room built with WebRTC, OAuth 2.0. Shareable private links, so you can chat with your best friend or join a public room based on topics. Peer-to-peer video/audio calls enabled by PeerJS.


A school administration software to monitor students homework loads by class, grade and teacher. Ensure teachers are not torturing students and instead are nurturing them!


I would love to discuss ideas, get in touch with me.

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